Chemical Engineering and Consulting is an independent company, that designs and constructs chemical, pharmaceutical and recycling industrial plants worldwide.


CHENCO GmbH was founded by Dr. Juhasz in 1980 to continue the development of world class fluorine-based chemical production facilities. Dr. Juhasz has developed, revamped or otherwise significantly upgraded well over 50 plants in his greater than 45 years experience. Dr. Juhasz is the leading expert in fluorine-related production technology bar none.

Additionally, Dr. Juhasz pioneered the strictest environmental standards in the world, now the newest EU Environmental Regulations. All Dr. Juhasz's plants have adhered to these strict standards since 1974.

Most significantly, Dr. Juhasz and CHENCO have set the standard for quality. CHENCO Quality is the only quality guaranteed that meets or exceeds customer desires. The result is that customers of CHENCO plants save money because their operations perform better in terms of cost and quality when using materials produced in CHENCO plants.


The world largest AlF3 plant with a capacity of 120.000 MTA built with CHENCO technology is working in China. CHENCO GmbH - The VALUE Choice for Chemical Plant Technology for the 21st Century.




With over 30 years of technical and operational experience, the CHENCO team is second to none. Lern more »


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CHENCO plants are located around the world, from Europe to Asia to the Americas. CHENCO plants span both organic and inorganic chemistries. Lern more »


At CHENCO quality is our highest priority. CHENCO customers are known for exceptionally high quality at lowest internal cost. Lern more »


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