Aluminium Fluoride (AlF3)

Aluminium fluoride (AlF3) is used in the manufacture of aluminium as flux for electrolytic bath of the molten metal.

Expansions & New Plants

CHENCO's state-of-the-art technologies and energy-saving designs have result in 15% lower AHF energy use and produce tremendous flexibility in the production of very high quality AlF3.


CHENCO routinely revamps, expands and improves quality in existing AlF3 plants so that customers can lower costs, improving margins, and better serve their own customers with high quality, high value, aluminium fluoride.


CHENCO plants are typically designed to operate at 125% of stated capacity and offer technologies, such as the expanded fluid bed, that do not penalize plant owners in terms of cost when operated at less than stated capacities. Whether running at 50% or 125% of capacity, CHENCO's patented technologies protect producers, customers and all stakeholders from the challenges of volatile markets.


Advantages of the expanded fluid-bed CHENCO process

  • Easy regulation (control) by automation
  • Low energy consumption (oil and power)
  • No Al(OH)3 dryer required
  • Costs less

    • Low investment cost
    • Low operating cost
    • Low maintenance cost

  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Constant distribution of gas and solid matters, good radial gas mixture
  • Intensive gas/solid matters contact
  • High specific capacity
  • Simple scale-up
  • Excellent partial load characteristics
  • Superior quality output