Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid (AHF)

Chenco's Low-Energy AHF Process is Setting New Standards

While sulfuric acid, fluorspar, energy, and so much more first skyrocketed and have now settled at higher rates, CHENCO AHF producers have been expanding capacity, holding the line on costs and delivering the highest quality product available. Because CHENCO's AHF Double Distillate technologies allow flexibility in the grade of raw materials, use a lot less energy, can be built fast and cost less, CHENCO plants are designed and built to make the most of the any market. CHENCO Customers make more money!




Advantages of the CHENCO process

  • Low investment cost
  • High operational safety
  • Easy operation of apparatus and instruments
  • Highest quality finished product - best value
  • Low energy consumption - lower cost
  • Flexible quality for raw materials - lower cost
  • Meet or exceed strictest environmental regulation

Speciality: Modification of existing HF plants with the aim to increase production capacity 50-80% in the same facility.