Biography of Dr. Jozsef Juhasz

CHENCO GmbH was founded in 1980 to independently develop state-of-the-art fluorine-based production facilities with the many years of Dr. Juhasz's experience, patented and proprietary technologies. The company was immediately successful attracting not only new clients, but also supporting and improving plants previously developed by Dr. Juhasz.

In the years that followed Dr. Juhasz and his teams have dramatically improved operations by revamping many BUSS and Pechiney designed plants to increase capacities and improve efficiencies and product quality. Have a look on our reference list.

The secret to CHENCO's success has been the overwhelming value provide, dramatically improving operations at the lowest cost and ALWAYS exceeding expectations.

Dr. Juhasz and his team continues to develop new technologies and revamp existing plants, having done so now on virtually every continent of his 45+ years of experince. To date, Dr. Juhasz has developed or revamped well over 50 plants and continues to strongly lead all the company efforts.

Dr. Juhasz developed the recently enacted EU Environmental regulations in 1974 and every plant he developed, including all those developed by CHENCO, have met these regulations since 1974.   

Today over 300,000 metric tons of aluminium fluoride and over 450,000 metric tons of highest quality anhydrous hydrogen fluoride are produced annually from CHENCO plant customers worldwide. In addition, fluorocarbons, Ammonium Bi-Fluoride (ABF) and a many specialty chemicals (BF3LiPF6, etc.) are produced to the highest quality standards with CHENCO's patented and proprietary technologies.

CHENCO is the world leader in most markets. We serve and continues to develop new and innovative solutions to improve our value to our customers and their markets.